SITOS learning management system is a product of bit media e-solutions Gmbh, M.I.T e-Solutions GmbH and bit media Schweiz AG

bit media e-solutions GmbH

bit media is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of e-Learning and has successfully carried out projects in the field of education as well as development cooperation. The company was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between the bit group and the SIEMENS Ltd. Since June 2016 it is part of the eee group – education, e-solutions, e-government. With its 50 employees in Austria and over 140 external international employees and experts, bit media supports companies, public organizations, education institutions and schools in the implementation of state-of-the-art measures for digital education and administration.

M.I.T e-Solutions GmbH

As a service provider for digital marketing and learning, M.I.T e-Solutions has been developing customer-specific solutions for over 40 years: from advanced mobile and e-learning applications to individual blended learning and managed training standards, to complex web portals for communication, sales promotion and training.

Companies like Accor, BMW, Daimler, Honda Europe, PORSCHE, Deutsche Bahn, Novartis, Siemens, Samsung and EADS benefit from our experience gained from well over 2,000 projects. Some of these companies have been collaborating with M.I.T for more than 25 years. As early as 1978, M.I.T. developed one of the first computer-aided employee training sessions and is regarded as a pioneer of e-learning in Germany.

Today, M.I.T is a trendsetter and pioneer in providing a wide variety of media products and standards. M.I.T. is a constant driver of innovation and is a contributor to discussions on the future of multimedia learning and communication. In doing so, M.I.T has made a name for itself with groundbreaking projects in the areas of onboarding and mobile learning.

M.I.T is a corporate division of eee group and a full-service provider that creates customized,turnkey communication and training solutions for employees, sales teams, retailers, customers and business partners.

M.I.T owns almost all portfolio components. This enables us to adjust our products, services and pricing to customer and market demands at any time.

bit media Schweiz AG

bit media Schweiz AG is a full-service provider and therefore offers the most important products in the field of e-Learning, content creation (including tone-of-the-top videos and smart shows), online-collaboration and much more from one single source: compliance trainings and roll-outs, learning management systems, IT-services and IT-content, content development (standard and individual content), authoring systems and certifications, mobile learning or onboarding.